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It Doesn't Have To Be A Snowman...

A few years ago, our county held an art auction for Autism. The art was exclusively made by our Autistic kids. The monies collected went into a scholarship for an Autism Summer Camp.

Blake made a snowman picture at an art party and they sent it off to a local framer for presentation. When I arrived at the auction, I knew there was no way I was going home without it. I was in love.

As soon as the bidding began for the frosty covered art, I raised my paddle proudly. Immediately, I was OUTBID by someone in the back. I thought it must be a mistake. So, I bid again. I was once again IMMEDIATELY OUTBID. I delicately fake smiled and laughed cordially.

This exchange continued for a few minutes, and with each raise of my paddle, the more unnerved I became as I was outbid. I paused my bidding. I turned around and stared behind me into the crowd. The crowd rolled with low, friendly laughter.

Did they not KNOW WHO I WAS?! Who was doing this? I was the Mother of this brilliant artist! How dare they?!

Eventually, I won the bid, by paying much more of a price than I had planned. I was, however, satisfied knowing it was for a good cause.

Our friend, the Chief of Police, met me as I went to retrieve my precious snowman. Tenderly he said, "Did you not see me trying to get your attention? I was trying to buy that for you guys...I wasn't trying to run it up on you."

I had not seen his actions. I was so focused on the project, I was ignoring everything else. I had paid dearly. I missed a free gift.

I am reminded once again, as God's "spiritually autistic" daughter, I often find myself in my own little world...focused on my own agenda. I don't hear Him, His messages or see His signals. He just wants me to look Him, so He can take the lead, give good gifts and show me a better way.

Don't miss out on His Goodness today. He has so much in store for you.

He already has paid the price. Romans 6:23

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