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J. J. LeVan

Travels With My Rain Man

Sharing some Jesus, our Autism journey, and other adventures through storytelling. 

Scroll down to my blog for the latest installments.

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Ask The Expert.

Please read my latest Guest Blog, "Ask The Expert," shared with Tracy Crump and her Caregiver's Corner. Click the link here: ...


I dropped everything when they informed me about “the incident” at school that day. When we arrived, the teachers shared that Blake had...

The Truth Can Set You Free

A certain autism specialist visited our DD center years ago at the beginning of our Autism journey. I will refer to him as "Dr. So & So"....

Closer Than You Think

On Memorial Day as a child, we would always visit the cemetery where my grandfathers and grandmothers were laid to rest. I was young. ...

I Wanted To Be A Supermom: A Reflection

I think you know what I mean. Before we have children we have incredibly grandiose ideas of exactly what kind of parents we wish to...

The Smash and Grab Communion

I was raised in a Baptist church. Observing communion was always a very sober and reflective time, as it should be. We sat. We passed....

His Jesus Started With "t"

We had just finished singing the hymns in church and were getting seated for the special music before the sermon began, when I noticed an...

Welcome To My Table.

It was almost 7 pm and no one had arrived yet for our Thursday night Bible Study. The kids were all nestled in bed, the house was...

It Doesn't Have To Be A Snowman...

A few years ago, our county held an art auction for Autism. The art was exclusively made by our Autistic kids. The monies collected went...

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